Roller Shutter Maintenance at Activate Arts

Activate Arts

At Shield Security Shutters we supply and fit all types of security roller shutters. We also provide a maintenance service for our products, as well as for pre-installed roller shutters. Whether you require roller shutter maintenance for one or two shutters on a single site, or for significantly more installations, we can assist by providing 24 hour callout and fast response times for complete peace of mind.

About Activate Arts

Activate Arts is a registered charity based in Kirkby, Knowsley, that provides personalised educational and vocational training to 19-24 year olds with learning difficulties and disabilities. Their large site has shutters covering most doors and windows, for security purposes, totalling 15 shutters throughout the property.

Our Roller Shutter Maintenance Contract

Roller shutter maintenance for Activate Arts

The roller shutter maintenance service provided to Activate Arts by Shield Security Shutters is affordable, which is important to this hard working charity, where every penny goes towards helping the local community. A routine visit takes place just once a year, so disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

When on site our engineers check and service each of the 15 roller shutters. This is done by removing the canopy boxes that cover the shutter’s rolling mechanism and motor. They then check all the motors, bearings, top section fixing plates, bolts and fixings. They grease all bearings, running channels and plates, to ensure a smooth running mechanism. They check for damaged endlocks and, finally, check that the electrical switches and wiring are safe, showing no signs of water damage.

Following our routine maintenance visit the client receives a full report on each shutter. The report includes any recommendations for repairs that we deem necessary and details any potential future problems that we have identified. If additional work is suggested a price is then agreed and the work is scheduled.

Roller shutter maintenance doesn’t have to be exhaustive or costly. This relatively hands-off service is all that is required, in this case, to ensure that the security shutters remain in good working order. While these 12 monthly visits may seem infrequent they are comprehensive and allow both us and the building’s manager to stay ahead of any potential problems with the shutters.

Should Activate Arts have problems with their shutters between visits then, as an existing client, they can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a fast acting repair service. However, in much the same way that servicing your car once a year keeps reactive repairs to a minimum, our maintenance visits mean that the Active Arts site is far more likely to remain secured with working shutters year round.

Do you need Roller Shutter Maintenance?

If you have even just one roller shutter on your premises we would advise you to have it maintained by a reputable engineer. Repairs and replacements can be more costly than a short maintenance visit once a year. Of course, the real cost of a damaged shutter is the security risk that it poses. If your site needs a security shutter, it needs a working security shutter. Call our team on 07935 475 515 today for roller shutter maintenance.