Emergency Electric Shutter Repairs in Manchester

Electric shutter repairs by Shield Security Shutters

Here at Shield Security Shutters we don’t just specialise in installing brand new electric shutters, we’re also on hand for those emergency repairs when your security is compromised. It’s important that if your shutters become damaged, broken or the motor fails, that you have your business premises secured again as soon as possible. There’s only one place to contact for electric shutter repairs, and that’s us. We have a long list of clients who have made us their first port of call for emergency electric shutter repairs.

Here’s an example of one of our happy clients.  

The client

Bridgefords Estate Agents

Bridgefords Estate Agents, an award winning property agent with premises spanning the North of England.

Initial call-out

Electric shutter repairs at Bridgefords Estate Agents

Emergency shutter repairs required, to a shutter that was stuck half open / half closed.

Resulting works

  • Emergency repair as a temporary solution, to allow the client to continue business as usual,
  • Subsequent installation of new shutters, to make the system safe and future-proof

The emergency job

Earlier this year we received a call from our client Bridgefords Estate Agents. The shutter on one of their office premises was stuck halfway between open and closed and they, naturally, wanted their electric shutter repaired as a matter of urgency, to allow their call centre staff access to the office.

The site itself was once home to the world famous Hacienda nightclub; a central Manchester location.The shutter in question accessed a basement office.

On inspection it was discovered that the motor had failed. Our engineers were quickly able to manually override and then secure the shutter, solving the immediate problem and enabling the client to continue business as usual.

The long term solution

Our engineers quickly discovered that electric shutter repairs were not going to be a sufficient long term solution. The shutter, fitted prior to our client moving into the building, had been installed in a very shoddy fashion and was actually posing a health and safety hazard.

A large, 8.5m shutter, had been installed using a motor and steelwork that were under equipped to serve it. The 9 gauge tube, at 100mm width, was highly insufficient for a shutter of the size, had been welded to a second piece of tubing, creating a downright dangerous set up.

We advised the client that the best way to proceed was to split the opening in half and completely replace the one current shutter with two new ones, a much better way to complete the job and the client agreed.

The resulting job posed a challenge for two reasons. Firstly, the city centre location and the fact that the premises was a busy working office made access less than straightforward. In addition, the shutter in question was below ground and the only access point turned out to be a basement window opening directly onto a canal footpath. Nonetheless, we worked with Bridgefords to determine a time that would cause the least disruption to their business and, on a weekend day, the office was closed to staff and furniture and computers were moved to allow us to install the new shutters. Thankfully our day of working on the side of the canal brought some rare Manchester sunshine!

Equipment installed

  • Two galvanised electric roller shutters with accompanying steelwork
  • 13 amp fuse spur power supplies (installed by a registered electrician and arranged by and subcontracted to Shield Security Shutters)
  • Push button toggle switches

Get in touch for your electric shutter repairs

If you’re in need of electric shutter repairs, replacements or servicing contact us at Shield Security Shutters on 07935 475 515 and we’ll be out in no time to secure your premises once again.