Additional Shutter Products and Security

  • Shutter Ground Locking SystemsShutter Ground Locking Systems

    This insurance rated locking system stops thieves from entering your premises, it even stops the latest trend of gaining entry by yanking up the middle part of the shutters to climb under. This system works by locking the middle of the security shutter to the ground by fixing a steel eye to the shutter bottom rail and another eye that is fixed into a cylinder that has been secured into the floor so you don’t have to worry about trip hazards. When closing your premises, the two eyes line up and are secured with an XL slide bolt padlock.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Side Runners

    If you’re having trouble with thieves attempting to break into your premises then we have the solution with heavy duty steel side runners. We can weld heavy duty 6mm thick steel extender plates to the side running channels which stops anybody bending them to remove the curtain and gain access to your premises.

  • Shutter MotorsShutter Motors

    If you have a motor failure on your electric shutter we have a stock of different sized motors for any size shutter. We’ll attend your premises and survey your site, and supply and install the appropriate motor. Plus, all of our motors come with a two year warranty.

  • Remote Control System and Additional FobsRemote Control System and Additional Fobs

    We don’t just deal with shutters, as we’re also able to replace remote control systems. If your remote fob has broken or the system has completely failed then get in touch as soon as and we’ll supply and program new fobs or wire up new systems with as many fobs as you need.

  • Shutter Group Command SystemsShutter Group Command Systems

    If you have a lot of shutters at your premises, particularly at an office or school, closing them all individually can be time consuming. Here at Shield Security Shutters we have a solution to this inconvenience with our installation of a group command system which can close up to 8 shutters at a time, saving you a lot of time opening and closing them each day.

  • Manual Shutter Pin/Bullet LocksManual Shutter Pin/Bullet Locks

    If you have a manual shutter and your locks fail or you lose your keys, we can replace your lock and supply you with new keys. As part of our service we’ll come out to your premises and remove your old locks to install brand new locks with brand new keys.

  • Manual Override Handles and EyesManual Override Handles and Eyes

    If you’re unable to access your premises due to power failure in the motor then we can efficiently supply you with a range of different sized manual override poles and eyes that fit a variety of motors. We have a large stock on hand all of the time to prepare for those emergency cases.

  • Keyswitch/Push switchesKeyswitch/Push switches

    Whether you’ve lost your keys or simply want a different type of switch, we can supply and install any type of switch that you require.