Is The Lockdown Driving Business Break-Ins?

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With the country in lockdown and business premises left vacant for days on end, now’s the time to really tighten up security measures to ensure that sites are protected around the clock.

It seems that there are enterprising burglars now targeting businesses more frequently than they did before the pandemic hit, most likely because they know that these buildings will be empty and relatively unprotected.

According to the Sunday Times, via London Loves Business, police forces all over the UK are now having to bring in more night patrols as burglars are targeting pubs and shops during the lockdown.

Chief Inspector Zac Fraser from Greater Manchester Police’s City of Manchester division explained that over the last few days numerous suspects have been arrested after reports of break-ins in the city, taking advantage of the deserted streets.

Police in Cleveland, meanwhile, have said that nine business premises were targeted in the space of just 24 hours – so making sure that your premises is properly secured with all the latest modcons to deter burglars certainly seems wise given the current climate.

Chief Constable of Gwent Police Pam Kelly told the Times: “We’re seeing a 20 per cent reduction in crime being reported as a result of people self-isolating and being in their homes.

“We are preparing to make sure premises that are left empty are being checked regularly. Now people are in their homes and it is pubs, restaurants and businesses that are vacant. There is a transferral of vulnerability that we are adapting to.”

The government has intimated that the lockdown could potentially be shortened if people follow the advice to self-isolate and stay at home, but a time limit has not been given. However, Imperial College London’s professor Neil Ferguson, a disease expert, said measures could last until June to try and stop the spread of the virus.

There are all sorts of security measures you can adopt these days to help safeguard your property, whether you decide you want to invest in CCTV as a deterrent or if you want to strengthen your shopfronts using the likes of anti ram posts, roller shutters, razor wire and so on.

You could also find our most recent blog post of use, going into detail about how you can keep your business safe from burglars.

Barrier gates, for example, work by regulating who is allowed to enter the premises, meaning people are unable to park on the site unless authorised. They’re also unable to exit without going through the barrier gate, which could be a deterrent as it will slow them down as they try to make good their escape.

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