Roller Shutters: The Best Way to Secure Your Business Premises

Electric roller shutters Liverpool

As a business owner you probably spend a lot of time and money investing in high tech security such as state of the art CCTV, alarms and electric door entry systems. However, there is a more simple and effective way of protecting your business premises. Electric roller shutters are the best solution to protecting your business and deterring criminals from entering in the first place.

So what are the benefits of installing electric roller shutters and how can they limit the risk of crime against your business?

24 Hour Peace of Mind

Owning a business means being pulled from every direction and you can’t be at your business premises all of the time. Electric roller shutters save you a lot of worry and give you peace of mind that whenever you’re away, the contents of your building are safe.

Nighttime is when your business is most vulnerable to crime. Businesses are more susceptible to thefts and vandalism at night and if this happens and your shutters become damaged you can rely on our 24 hour call out service to have your business secured once again. We don’t leave your premises exposed for long and will be out to you in the quickest time possible to have any issues resolved.

Strong and Durable Materials for Extra Security

Electric Roller Shutters act as a barrier to protect the entrance of a business and the contents inside. Toughened materials such as galvanised steel are used to manufacture roller shutters and offer a strong barrier that is resistant to damage and abrasion. At Shield Security Shutters we supply and install a range of strong shutters and doors including;

  • Galvanised shutters
  • Powder coated shutters
  • Remote control systems
  • Steel doors
  • Razor wire fencing
Electric shutter installation

Each of these provide full protection and an attractive finish to the front of your premises as they’re available in a range of colours to suit you and your brand.


In many businesses there may be times when you need privacy from prying eyes such as cashing up on dark winter nights. Rolling the shutters down provides you with extra privacy and peace of mind that there is no one watching or can break in while your handling valuable items.

Easy to Operate

Securing your business premises is so simple with electric roller shutters. With just a press of the remote control system the shutters can be lowered or raised completely out of sight so that they don’t disrupt the daily function of your business. Their ease of use means little time will be taken up opening and shutting up shop, it will become an easy routine securing your business.

Be Vigilant and Secure Your Premises With Electric Roller Shutters

Electric roller shutters are an investment and necessity for businesses. They not only protect your business from thefts but also from damage to the exterior of the premises caused by vandalism and harsh weather conditions. Installing shutters could save you a lot of money from damage repair costs and loss of profits, and save you a lot of worry and stress.

Give yourself peace of mind by having electric roller shutters installed by the experts at Shield Security Shutters. Call us on 07935 475 515 to find out more or send your enquiries to You can also browse our website to find out more about our services.