Why Your Business Needs Steel Shutters for The Winter Months

steel shutters by Shield Security Shutters

In many scenarios steel shutters are imperative for security purposes all year round and most of our clients would never be without them. However, security shutters do offer numerous additional benefits during the winter months, when the nights are darker and the weather is more turbulent.

Here we’ll show you a few ways that steel shutters could protect your property this winter, to help you make a decision about whether installing them could be right for you and your business.

Steel Shutters provide protection from break ins

Steel shutters are one of the most thorough ways of protecting a building against burglary all year round. Providing a physical steel barrier is a sure fire way to dissuade would-be burglars from targeting your property.

The difference towards the end of the year and into the early part of the next year, is that the longer hours of darkness provide much more opportunity for break ins and robberies to take place, than the summer months. You may have got by without shutters so far this year but how safe does your premises feel now that you are leaving work in the dark? Can laptops and other equipment be seen through the windows? If so, particularly if your premises is in an area with no on-street CCTV in place, now would be a great time to consider having steel security shutters installed.

Anti vandalism measure

Similar but subtly different to the above point, steel shutters are not only a deterrent to vandals, in many cases they prevent vandalism completely.

Mischief night, bonfire night and other dates in the year between now and Christmas can give rise to higher instances of vandalism than usual. Steel shutters make some vandalism completely impossible; they protect your windows and frames, the most vulnerable aspects of a premises, and in some cases can protect most of the facade of a building.

Even if your building has never been a victim of vandalism, if you have witnessed vandalism to other premises in your area then yours might be at risk, particularly at this time of year. If you feel that steel shutters could protect your building then please get in touch Shield Security Shutters.

Insulation against inclement weather

Steel shutters provide an additional layer of insulation for a building, protecting against storm and frost conditions.

Are there trees close to your windows? If so then believe us that you will sleep a lot more soundly on a stormy night knowing that your work premises is protected from falling branches by a tough layer of steel. Similarly, steel shutters can play their role in keeping frost at bay, in the outside of your windows, and condensation on the inside. Generally, they provide insulation against the elements in general, which can be particularly beneficial on long, cold nights; an excellent tool when battening down the hatches against the worst that the winter has to throw at us, particularly for older buildings.

As you can see there are so many benefits to having steel shutters installed on your property, particularly to prevent thefts and damage. We provide an efficient service and can have your steel shutters installed in no time before the weather worsens, simply call 07708 971 505 for more information.