Bespoke Security Roller Shutters for all Types of Businesses

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No matter the size of your business or the industry that you work in, every premises needs to be secured and kept in good condition, if only for your peace of mind more than anything else. Security roller shutters are the most effective way of protecting your business premises from intruders or vandalism. If you think your business may not be suitable for security roller shutters, think again as we deal with large and small businesses in a range of industries.

Anywhere that has valuable items or is at risk of vandalism deserves the protection of security roller shutters, and here at Shield Security Shutters we offer a bespoke service to each of our clients to ensure that design, installation and use of the shutters meets their requirements.

Security Roller Shutters for Miniature Railway in Chester

Security Roller Shutters for Miniature Railway in Chester

We’ve worked in this industry for over 20 years and in that time we’ve helped to secure many types of businesses. One of our recent projects comes from Miniature Railway in Grosvenor Park, Chester where we installed security roller shutters which were both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Miniature Railway takes children and adults around Grosvenor Park via trains which are stored in a wooden shed as seen above. As with all of our clients we survey the site to ensure that we create a solution that is best suited to the business and upon surveying this site we found that the shed was only being secured by wooden doors.

Our client wanted extra peace of mind with the use of strong security roller shutters and something that was aesthetically pleasing. Our solution was to install a powder coated shutter on the inside of the shed so that when the shutter rolled up it be discreetly and neatly tucked away out of sight. The client’s colour choice was brown to create a seamless look so the shutter blended in with the colour of the shed. This project resulted in a professional looking and quality roller shutter that now gave our client peace of mind that the contents of the shed are safe and secure.

Bespoke Service

We’re able to work around your requirements and schedule with our bespoke services. This client was extremely happy that we were able to install the shutter in quick time before opening to avoid disrupting the business in anyway. We can arrange a date to suit you and aim to install the shutters as fast as possible and avoid any disruption to the business.

We can create security roller shutters and doors in a variety of colours and designs including galvanised shutters, powder coated shutters, steel doors and also remote control systems to operate these shutters. At Miniature Railway we provided a remote control system so that only those responsible are able to operate the shutters at the right time, this is ideal for environments with lots of visitors including young children coming in and out of the premises.

If you’re looking to secure your premises with security roller shutters be sure to contact Shield Security Shutters who are experts in designing and installing strong, durable and secure shutter systems that are tailored towards the needs of your business. Don’t hesitate to protect your business, call us today on 07935 475 515.