Co-op Stores See Burglaries & Robberies Fall!

If you’re keen to reduce the number of burglaries and other similar incidents at your place of business, you might want to take a look at the various security measures that Central England Co-operative stores have introduced over recent weeks and months.

Apparently, the business has successfully seen robberies fall by 30 per cent and burglaries by six per cent after rolling out new measures to protect staff members and prevent incidents. These measures include external motion detectors and a centrally monitored CCTV system.

Other steps that have been taken include robust cash controls, gas suppression systems and product GPS trackers, as well as promotional efforts to highlight the fact that targeting convenience stores is just not worth the risk.

Loss prevention advisor Craig Goldie said: “In 2019, we will be working closely with other retailers, police forces across the 16 counties in which we trade and the government to tackle issues of violence and aggression towards colleagues.

“We are doing everything we can to prevent incidents like this from happening, but if something does happen we offer them support and counselling both from within our business and specialists.”

The British Retail Consortium’s annual crime survey for 2019 shows that spend on crime prevention across the industry has reached record levels, hitting £1 billion for the first time ever. The study also revealed growth in the direct cost of crime for the fourth year in a row, with the 2019 figure standing at just under £900 million, a rise of 28 per cent on 2018.

The biggest area of loss was customer theft, making up just over £660 million. Growth has also been seen in other areas of loss, most notably fraud which has now returned to previous levels after seeing a drop last year. This could be down to improved recording and reclassification, however.

Businesses around the UK may well find that security shutters are a great option for protecting themselves against the possibility of a break-in. These can be manufactured to suit your individual requirements, whether you want an electric set, something manual or perhaps something chain-operated.

They’re made from galvanised steel but you can opt for powder coating in a different colour to suit your branding and to give your site a less industrial feel if that’s important to you.

These security products are an excellent visual deterrent, providing a huge obstacle to anyone trying to gain access to your premises. Criminals are far more likely to move on elsewhere if it looks like it’s going to be difficult or noisy trying to break into your shop.

They’re also durable and reliable, without the need for much maintenance, so they can make your premises more secure for longer than other options may do. And a surprising benefit is that they can reduce heat loss from buildings, so you might see your energy bills fall as a result!