Cambridge Businesses Urged To Check Security

There have been a spate of burglaries in Cambridge city centre, with police warning all businesses to be on alert and check their security systems.

Cambridgeshire Live revealed that since the beginning of July, six businesses have been broken into, with two of them hit twice. Among the things stolen were cash, safes and technology.

On 1 July, a number of businesses were hit on the same night. A restaurant on Corn Exchange Street was targeted between midnight and 6am, and an unknown amount of alcohol was stolen. On the same night, another restaurant on King Street was also targeted and an iPad, credit card machine and safe were stolen.

This same restaurant was hit again three weeks later and another safe was stolen from the premises.

Other incidents have included £300 being stolen from a shop on Sussex Street and a CCTV recorder and stereo being stolen from a restaurant in Newnham Road.

PC Leanne Robinson, of the Cambridge Constabulary’s Cambridge city neighbourhood team, told the news provider that authorities believe the burglaries are all linked.

“I’d urge business owners to do what they can to ensure their property is secure, marked and monitored around the clock” she advised.

The news provider revealed that the London Metropolitan Police have found a link between the warmer weather and crime rates. According to the force’s analysis of crime statistics in the capital, rates of violent crime were an average of 14 per cent higher when temperatures were over 20 degrees C compared to when temperatures were under 10 degrees C.

Businesses in Cambridge or elsewhere that are worried about their security may want to invest in security shutters to make sure that their premises are fully secure overnight and when they’re not open.

Taking steps to improve security can make a significant difference to how many burglaries or thefts occur at a business, as the Co-op recently found. The company introduced new security measures across its central England stores and saw robberies fall by an impressive 30 per cent, while burglaries were also down by six per cent.

Among the measures the company introduced were external motion detectors and a centrally monitored CCTV system.

Another store that’s upped its security in recent months is Morrisons in Faversham, Kent. Kent Online reported that the supermarket has undergone a refurbishment, which involved installing additional security measures.

Store manager Mark Prowse told the news provider that there were nine break-ins in 14 weeks, which is what prompted the supermarket to install security shutters and safety barriers. The barriers mean that thieves can run in, but can’t run straight back out when they close behind them.

Mr Prowse revealed that the supermarket decided to make the changes to the store after a manager was attacked by a thief using a glass bottle that had smashed on the floor. The manager in question was left with cuts to his arms and head.

He commented: “I’ve said to my staff I don’t want them to challenge it and we always call the police when it happens. I’ve got to protect my staff.”