Security Advice For Rural Businesses

You might be forgiven for being somewhat complacent with your business security if you live in the countryside. After all, crime happens in big cities and nowhere else, right?

But you’ve got to prepare for the worst, no matter which part of the UK you live in, whether you’re in a charming little rural community or in the biggest city in the country.

And it would be foolish from a business perspective not to do all you can to protect your assets against all types of crime – and remember that sites in rural areas are particularly vulnerable and attractive prospects for criminals, so it’s actually perhaps more important to prioritise security in such places.

Where applicable, make sure that all tools, equipment and machinery are stored in a secure, well-lit area, and think about installing motion-sensitive lights, CCTV cameras, alarms on fuel caps and so on to really do all you can to look after your property.

Another tactic you could employ is security marking all your property as this makes it a lot harder for criminals to move goods on – and it’s a lot easier for the police to return anything that has been stolen if they know where it’s come from.

Do some research into dot peen marking, a technology that allows manufacturers to automate the marking process, which means you can take full advantage of 100 per cent reliable part traceability.

A pneumatically driven marking pin is used to stamp very small dots closely spaced together to form curved or straight lines, positioned very precisely in order to create unparalleled mark quality and legibility.

If you’re still questioning the need for heightened security measures for rural sites, have a read of NFU Mutual’s Rural Crime Report 2018, revealing the true extent of countryside-focused crime.

Did you know, for example, that in 2017 rural crime cost the UK £44.5 million, a rise of 13.4 per cent on the year before, with agricultural vehicle theft amounting to £5.9 million, ATV/quad theft reaching £2.3 million and livestock theft reaching £2.4 million.

Emerging crime trends were identified, including limited police resources and repeat attacks becoming the biggest worries for those living in the countryside.

CCTV is one of the most common forms of security measures now being installed, which may be food for thought, especially when you think that nearly one-third of NFU Mutual agents know someone who has felt compelled to change the way they live or farm because of rural crime.

The cost of rural crime is now at its highest since 2013, but the picture is uneven around the UK. Scotland, for example, has seen the costs continue to fall, as has the north-east, but sharp increases have been seen in Wales, the Midlands and the south-east.

Making use of a roller shutter company could help you improve your security measures at work. Get in touch with us today to find out more.