How To Keep Your Business Safe From Burglars

Anti-ram Bars and Posts
Anti-ram Bars and Posts

After spending many years and a lot of money setting up an enterprise, no business owner then wants to see all their hard work unravel by being burgled and having expensive items, as well as valuable documents, taken from their building.

That is why it is important to invest in adequate office or warehouse security, as negligence in this area could seriously damage your business, perhaps even irreversibly.

Here are some tips on how to keep your business premises safe from intruders.

  1. Burglar systems

One of the most obvious things to do is to install a high-quality security alarm. Instead of a system for residential purposes, make sure you purchase machinery for commercial or industrial premises, as these will be more complex and harder for an intruder to tamper with.

They also typically allow access to a control room 24 hours a day, as well as technical call out support, so you can access help for your security system whenever you need to, ensuring your building remains safe throughout the day and night.

  • Building guards

Companies that have a lot to protect – such as large quantities of manufacturing products or items for sale – or whose premises see a lot of traffic from clients or members of the public should consider having a guard outside their building.

You could choose to have a door supervisor, a security guard, car park enforcement officers, someone working undercover, operators handling the CCTV, or you might just want staff working specific events throughout the year.

It is important to consider your needs, and what type of guarding service you might require to protect your building, its contents, and those working within, or visiting, it.

  • CCTV

These days, it is standard to fit CCTV cameras on to business premises, as this is one of the best deterrents for intruders. Knowing their activity will be caught on camera means they are less likely to target the premises, and might, instead, look for one that is less protected.

CCTV cameras are so effective at putting burglars off, even many residential property owners are installing them outside their homes, hoping it will detract a burglar from their asset.

It is important to choose good-quality CCTV cameras, so if they do capture footage, you are able to see high-definition image of the intruders. This can then be handed to the police who can use the evidence to catch the criminals.

Businesses should also be aware of the importance of having multiple CCTV cameras installed, so all areas of their building – including its exterior – are covered. This helps catch the assailant on surveillance cameras, wherever they are on the premises. Otherwise, they might target an area that is not protected by CCTV to enter the building, knowing they will not be caught on camera. 

  • Barrier gates

For large premises, why not get a barrier gate installed? These regulate who is allowed entry to the premises, and means people cannot park on the site unless authorised. They also cannot exit without going through the barrier gate, which may be a deterrent for them, as it would inevitably slow them down in their escape.

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