Could Lighter Evenings Make Your Business A Target?

Many businesses enjoy the longer days, as it gives owners the chance to extend their opening hours and take advantage of evening customers.

However, it is essential whoever closes up at the end of the day does so properly, as burglary rates can rise during the summer months when days are lighter for longer.

According to Halifax, unforced burglary claims rose by 56.9 per cent between March and April 2018, simply due to daylight savings.

It also found that these continued to grow month-on-month until they had more than doubled (131.03 per cent) by July 2018.

Halifax’s senior claims manager Tim Downes believes this is because more people spend time outdoors and thieves can take advantage of unlocked doors and windows.

“It’s easy to forget to lock doors and windows when you’re in the garden, but these can be an easy target for opportunistic burglars,” he stated.

Having good-quality locks is crucial, while features such as steel roller shutter installations sends a clear message to potential thieves that the premises is securely protected.

It is not just brighter evenings that put properties at risk, and crimes still occur during the winter months too.

Last year, Lloyds Bank reported a 35 per cent increase in claims for forced burglary during the darker months of 2017/18 compared with the lighter months. While owners might be more vigilant about locking up than they are during the summer, thieves are seeking the protection of darkness to target certain premises.