Bridgefords Estate Agents

Old Hacienda Night Club Manchester City Centre

We attended an emergency call out for one of our clients, Bridgefords Estate Agents, at one of their premises which is situated in what used to be the old world famous Hacienda night club in Manchester city centre. We were told that their shutter was stuck halfway open and was covering the windows for the call centre in the basement offices, on inspection we found that the motor had failed. Our engineers managed to manually override the electric shutter to secure it and informed the manager of the problem with the motor. The client asked us to change the motor but we had to inform them that the shutter had in fact been installed very unsafely being almost 8.5 meters wide and the materials used were completely underrated in motor size and steel work, also whoever had installed it had only used a 100mm 9 gauge tube which for that width had too much deflection. As well as this, two pieces of tube had been welded together which our engineers couldn’t believe for a shutter of that size and weight, they informed us that the shutter had been installed before they took over the offices so we advised that it was not safe to simply change the motor, and the best way to proceed would be to install two new shutters and split the opening in two which our client agreed to.

The logistics to fit these shutters was very difficult due to it being in the city centre and also in the basement offices of the building, and the only way for the shutter to be removed and the new ones installed was to take them in/out through the basement windows that run along the Manchester canal. With it being a working office we had to arrange a day one weekend when the basement office could be closed to staff and all computers and desks could be moved away from the working area. We removed the 8.5m wide original shutter safely and fitted two new galvanised electric roller shutters in its place with all the correct steel work and motors and 22 gauge curtains. We had an electrician attend to wire up new 13 amp fuse spur power supplies for the shutters and our engineers wired them up to the new push button toggle switches. Overall, the client was very happy with our efficient and quick work and the high quality of shutters that we supplied.