Activate Arts CES Charity

Bracknell Centre Kirkby Knowsley

We offer service contracts for just single shutters or, like this job, multiple shutters on a school or office buildings. This client is a charity that offers personalised educational and vocational programmes for young adults with learning difficulties in the Knowsley area. They have around 15 roller shutters covering most doors and windows and we provide a service contract for them once a year which involves checking and servicing all the shutters on site. We do this by removing the canopy boxes that cover each shutters rolling mechanisms and motors, we check all the motors, bearings, top section fixing plates and all bolts and fixings. We also grease all bearings, running channels and plates and also check for any damaged endlocks and that all electrical switches and wiring are safe with no signs of water damage.

The client receives a full report on each shutter and any recommendations for repairs or potential future problems. Any additional work that needs carrying out is agreed and completed.